Anil Vasudeva, Founder & Principal Analyst
Brad Smith , Senior Vice President
David G. Hill , Partner Analyst
Shiva Mangalam , Principal Analyst
M. R. Pamidi, Senior Editor & Research Analyst
Skip Wangbickler, Advisory Analyst
Richard R. Lee, Advisory Analyst
Fred Moore, Advisory Analyst
Marc Farley, Advisory Analyst
Vincent Jones, Advisory Analyst
James Montantes, Marketing Manager
Vess Velikov, IT Associate

Anil Vasudeva, Founder and Principal Analyst

Anil Vasudeva is the founder and president of IMEX Research & Consulting - a technology-markets research company specializing in next generation computing infrastructure, Network Storage, Networking and End-to-End Internet technologies.

Mr. Vasudeva is a 25-year veteran of the computer industry. He previously served as Director, Planning and System Products Marketing at Fujitsu, Vice-President Marketing at Destiny Technology, Director of Marketing & Sales at Ricoh Corp., Marketing Manager at Amdahl and BusLogic/Mylex and Engineering Manager at Memorex/Burroughs.

He has authored several marketing reports in Network Storage, I/O architectures and emerging IP markets, clustering, high-availability, in Telecom and Computing, internet traffic management technologies, and provided business and product planning to several start-up companies. He coined the industry acronym - self-healing (fault tolerant) RAID products. Cited extensively in the press on High Performance Storage and Computing his articles have appeared in CTR, LAN Times, VAR Business, Computer Design, Open Systems Today, Electronics, IEEE Magnetics etc. He is a past member of several industry standard organizations and a holder of several US patents. He has been an invited speaker at several international conferences including Systems & Network Conferences, Storage Forums, NCC, Computer & UNIX Systems, Technology Opportunities Forum, etc.

Mr. Vasudeva has an MSEE from University of Arizona, pursued doctorate studies for three years at UCLA in Solid State Physics and received his MBA from University of Santa Clara.

Brad Smith, Senior Vice President

Brad has an illustrous career spanning 25 years in the IT industry. As Group Vice President: IT Systems Group at Dataquest and VP Technology at Gartner Group, he managed 125 analysts with multiple disciplines and interfaced extensively with clients worldwide, in evaluating new products, M&As, market opportunities, corporate strategies. Later he engaged as research and consulting advisor and business development at RHK, PMSI and LightCounting in Telecom/Data Networking.

Brad started his career as Product Market Manager at DEC and Prime Computer. Over time, Brad co-founded 4 communications and semiconductor start-ups with successful M&A exits including Nexgen acquired by AMD for $890M to compete with Intel x86 business), LuxSonor (acquired by Cirrus Logic), Innovision Labs (acquired by Samsung) etc.

He holds a BSEE and an MSEE from University of Massachusetts and has taken several courses towards an MBA from University of Phoenix. Brad holds several patents in optical communications, spectroscopy and switching.

David G. Hill, Partner Analyst

David Hill is a partner at IMEX Research in Storage Industry Research and Practice. Formerly he was Vice President of Storage Research and founder of the Storage & Storage Management practice at the Aberdeen Group before starting Mesabi Group as its principal analyst.

He is a leading thought leader in the field of storage and storage management, providing guidance to enterprises on how best to leverage their enterprise-wide storage investments to derive additional business value and laying plans to intelligently migrate to new and improved storage and storage management technologies, policies and practices for future growth. David has an advanced degree from the Sloan School at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

At Aberdeen , Hill led both qualitative and quantitative market research studies. Earlier at EMC, David carried out strategic marketing, competitive analysis, sales force planning, and market forecasting. Prior to it David directed Data General's internal IT data centers as well as managed the introduction of new analytical tools and business systems.

David Hill is frequently quoted in such publications as, Computer Business Review, eWeek, InfoStor, IT World, Network World, and Storage Networking World Online.

Shiva Mangalam, Principal Analyst

Shiva Mandalam is a senior technology executive with over 18 years of experience technical and management experience specializing in the areas of security, networking, virtualization and cloud computing and having developed and executed product development, positioning, product life-cycle development and go-to-market strategies, developing partnerships with systems integrators and service providers and enabling sales to major enterprises.

As Director of Product Marketing at McAfee, Shiva defined the SaaS strategy, and launched cloud-based Artemis technologies. He was a founder of Ingrian Networks that was acquired. Earlier he managed several product lines in caching, media server and network storage at FaceTime Communications, Phoenix Technologies and Sun Microsystems. Mr. Mandalam holds a MSEE from Louisiana State University.

M. R. Pamidi, Ph. D., Senior Editor & Research Analyst

MR has over 25 years of experience in the technology industry in enterprise hardware and software marketing, product management, product marketing, and pre- and post-sales activities. He has held senior management and marketing positions in Amdahl (acquired by Fujitsu), AOL/Netscape Security Solutions (acquired by Red Hat), Infravio (acquired by webMethods), Pyramid Technology (acquired by Siemens), Supertek (acquired by Cray Research), and Sun Microsystems. He earned his PhD in Biomechanics from West Virginia University, attended the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and obtained a Certificate in Bioscience Product Marketing at the University of California Extension, Santa Cruz.

MR has authored numerous competitive intelligence reports, white papers, product and marketing collaterals, market and sales briefs on a wide variety of topics in IT software, storage, web services, security, middleware and operating systems, mobility, wireless and location-based services.

Skip Wangbickler, Advisory Analyst*
Skip Wangbickler

Skip has held a variety of senior level marketing and sales positions for the last 15 years in
data networking, telecommunications and network storage servers industries. At Bay Networks
(now Nortel Networks) as Senior VP for WW Channel Operations he guided the channel strategy
and implementation through a sales force of 1500 resellers and distributors worldwide with
the group contributing over 50% of Bay's 1996 revenues of $2 billion. Also as VP Entry Systems
Group, Mr. Wangbickler launched Bay Networks into the low end SOHO and mid-tier business markets. He spent an year developing a distribution model and successfully launching entry of low end products into the European market place.

He was also a co-founder and senior vice president of HolonTech Corporation, an NEC affiliate startup in network storage servers and Internet traffic load balancing switches. Skip started his career with IBM and Rolm Corporation.

Richard R. Lee, Advisory Analyst
Richard R. Lee

Richard Lee is an Advisory Analyst with IMEX specializing in storage and clustering technologies. He is also the founder and president of Data Storage Technologies, a technology and business consultancy. Richard's expertise and focus for the last 20 years has been in High Availability computing, storage and data management. He is a prolific writer and writes for various trade journals including Windows NT, Selling NT Solutions, Storage Management Solutions, InfoStor and Intelligent Enterprise magazines. He is also the author of two books: "Windows NT Storage Primer" published by Duke Press and "Microsoft Windows Cluster Server" published by McGraw Hill/Osborne.

He has been an invited speaker at NT Database Summit, IEEE Mass Storage Symposium, ACM Super Computing, Digital Data Systems and NAS conferences. Richard has a BS EE from University of Michigan and an MBA from Wharton School of Business.

Fred Moore, Advisory Analyst
Fred Moore

Fred Moore has over 25 years of experience in the computer industry beginning as Storage Tek's first Systems Engineer and rising to corporate vice president of strategic markets. He acted as Storage Tek's chief strategist and spokesman worldwide for over ten years and is credited with creating their strategic vision and long-range plans and being instrumental in providing worldwide product leadership for storage systems for open systems and mainframes.

Recently, he founded Horison Information Strategies in Colorado, to provide services in the area of advanced information strategies as well as a partnership to provide business development services to emerging high-tech firms.

Moore has published numerous papers on Computer Storage Systems and has been a sought after speaker at industry conferences worldwide including Gartner Group Conference, DataStorage, Computer Measurement Group (CMG), Xephon, SHARE, CSC Index, Dataquest, the Network Storage Conference and served on the CCIA Vision 20/20 project.

Moore received a BS in mathematics and an MS in computer science from the University of Missouri.

Marc Farley, Advisory Analyst
Marc Farley

For more than ten years, author and consultant Marc Farley has specialized in storage networking technology. His knowledge of storage is captured in his reference book, Building Storage Networks, which provides a vendor-independent overview of various storage topics — including SAN, NAS, RAID, Fibre Channel, caching — as well as an in-depth discussion of the issues system architects must address to create an effective modern storage network.

Mr. Farley is a career storage networking professional, and has worked in that capacity in both startups and large corporations, including IBM, Hitachi, Crossroads, Palindrome, ConvergeNet, and SanCastle. He is now an independent consultant to the storage network industry, providing product and corporate strategy, marketing analysis, education and writing services.

Vincent Jones, Advisory Analyst
Vincent Jones

Dr. Jones is a network consultant, specializing in technologies for optimizing the performance and achieving high availability of networks. He has extensive experience providing proven solutions based on open standards and protocols to improve TCO (total cost of ownership) and enhance managability while minimizing the impact of failure on network operations for a wide range of unique application requirements.

He graduated with a BSEE from Rutgers University and received his MSEE and Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from University of Illinois in 1975. He is the author of several papers in trade journals and a book on High Availability Networking. He founded his network consultancy in 1987. Prior to it he was Project Manager with HP Networking Division for 8 years and served in the US Air Force as a staff Officer working on a secure packet switched networking.

* = All above advisory analysts provide consulting collaboration on call.

James Montantes, Marketing Manager

James Montantes is Manager of Online Marketing and also a research associate for IMEX.

James contributes to Networking/Internet/Web Servers related reports at IMEX. He also publishes newsletters for IMEX. His expertise also includes financial analysis and reporting. James is also involved in academic research at San Jose State University.

Arpa Helliwell, IT Associate

Arpa is an IT associate at IMEX. She is responsible for generating IMEX's graphics for web design and company analysis & research.

She is skilled at organizing competitive data, analysis, and market reports.

Vess Velikov, Research & IT Associate

Vess is an Information Technology associate at IMEX. His broad range of expertise spans Internet Technologies, HTML/CSS, LAN and web administration, and other connective technologies.

Vess is also responsible for implementing and maintaining IMEX's networks, PC workstations, and business software.


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