Blade Servers Industry Reports and Resources - 2006

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Server Blade Summit
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Blade Servers Industry Report 2006
A comprehensive report (254 pages with 212 charts and figures) covering data on major Servers, Storage, and Networking segments. An exceptional guide into the most promising and profitable segments. Assess the market drivers and industry dynamics, identify the market segments & product requirements, market opportunity sizing & standards, emerging technologies & standards, creating competitive positioning for your co., optimally your company's R&D investments and go-to-market dollars ... More

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Architecting Next Generation Data Centers 2006
The Data Centers migration is underway to leverage the volume driven economics of industry standard servers using Linux/Windows operating environment. The integrated modular architecture of blade systems providing Virtualization, Provisioning and Self-Driven Automation capabilities already are starting to strike a pleasant resonant chord with CIOs. IT Blades have started to move into widespread availability, high performance computing using clustering techniques is maturing and grid computing is rapidly becoming real ... More

Blade Servers InSight Newsletter (Free)
A quarterly Blade Industry InSights newsletter on industry trends, happenings, and issues ready to energize the Server Blades marketplace and help build the ecosystem necessary for Blade Servers industry to flourish ... More

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Blade Servers TCO Analysis and Template 2006
Pressured by CEOs to “do more with less” in this challenging economic environment, interest in server consolidation and IT economics has soared unabated. CEOs now insist on getting a true financial analysis of ITinvestments at Capex and Opex levels before signing on the dotted line. IMEX Research's TCO/ROI Analysis & Templates provides the foundation for building confidence of IT buyers at C- and mid-level and helps shorten the sales cycle for vendors by quantifying benefits and returns, and creating a well documented business case for presentations to CIO's, CFO's, and CDO's ... More
Blade Servers Directory and Buyer's Guide 2006
Endorsed by Blade System Alliance in collaboration with industry experts, the Blade Server Industry Directory and Buyer's Guide is your opportunity to be visible in this comprehensive reference and to increase your presence and profitability in this explosive marketplace.

To be published in 1Q05, this is a special edition, literally a “who's who” of the international Blade Servers Industry. It includes listings of worldwide companies, involved Blade Server industry product and service providers are listed. Insure that your company is included and choose from two levels of listings or advertising options. This guide will also be available to all attendees of future major IT conferences ... More

Blades Resources Center:
Blade Servers Center is the portal website for Blade Servers Industry highlighting industry information on:
Industry Structure (Overviews, Technologies, Market Segmentation, Applications, Products and Channels of Distribution...)
Vendors (Servers, Storage, Networking, Software...)
News (Conferences, Articles, Press Releases...)
Resources (Directory & Buyer's Guide, White Papers, Co. Profiles, Industry Reports ... More)

Vendor Positioning - Blade Servers
The VPI (Vendor Positioning Index) chart, from IMEX Research, is a result of exhaustive research of vendors' products (features, functions, etc), marketing (support/pricing/channels...) and business practices (financials, services ... More)
The Rise of Blade Computing
With average CPU utilization in many large companies running around 25% while stranded direct-attached storage assets being utilized at 50%, improving the productivity of its assets has become a top mandate for CIOs in many companies. This low resource utilization has been, in large part, due to the performance and flexibility deficiencies of current server architectures wherein most servers are I/O rather than compute bound ... More
IP SANs Industry Report 2006
The volume-driven-economics of ubiquitous IP Ethernet Networks everywhere the force that is spawning the creation of low cost SANs which pose a direct threat to Fibre Channel SANs. Utilizing common components from networking and embracing the inexpensive RAID Disk Arrays based on ATA and SATA disk drives, IP SAN market is ready to explode as the early technical issues are getting ready to be corralled.

The IP SAN market will segment by Software and Hardware based solutions · Entry Level Solutions - iSCSI SW Drivers running on Standard Low cost NICs · Mid Level Solutions – iSCSI SW Drivers running on NICs with TOE for improved Performance · Enterprise Solutions – iSCSI SNICs with TOE and iSCSI Offloads in hardware to provide enterprise level performance equivalent to Fibre Channel Solutions, Wire Speed IP Security and Management …More

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